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Your guided tour to the Iridium System!

The Iridium System was the first artificially engineered trinity system to be built around a black hole. It’s three suns, orbiting in splendid harmony for thousands of years, boasts the largest arrangement of habitable planets and moons in the verse!

Each month, we'll take you on a journey through the Iridium System; sharing stories and STL files for fantastic original terrain. 


Welcome Pack:

When you join us on Patreon, in addition to the monthly terrain, you'll gain immediate access to our welcome pack, the Undercity Corridor. 

 * * *

Brick and Iron were the roots that the early settlers of the Iridium system planted. Those ancient explorers built endless miles of corridors beneath the ground. With care and time settlements turned to cities, and cities rose to empires. Now those corridors are avoided by anyone who has a better place to be. For those that lack choice; a deserted hideaway in the undercity can always be claimed. Be warned however, security patrols are only contracted to protect the main transit tunnels and protection from the locals is not guaranteed.

This corridor set is chock full of broken brick, hanging wires and rusty iron. The walls and tiles are sized to be mix and matched to make many unique 12" x 12" gaming tiles. There are a variety of sizes allowing you to build abandoned corridors for your gangs to hide in, or sprawling store houses full of their ill-gotten loot.

Vendor and Merchant Tier: 

A limited number of commercial licenses are available. These licenses grant the Patron permission to print and sell as many printed pieces as they want, for as long as they are active Patrons. (Terms and Conditions apply)