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Stone and Ivy DnD Dice Bowl
Stone and Ivy DnD Dice Bowl

Stone and Ivy DnD Dice Bowl

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A dice bowl ready to use in your DnD campaign, or any game where dice need to be rolled.

The stone and ivy dice bowl is a Project Radium original design. Printed using PLA (a plastic like polymer made from renewable resources) in our home, then painted and finished by hand, each piece is totally unique.

We also sell dice sets to go with your new dice bowl.

Size: The small bowl is approximately 1.5” tall and 5” wide. The large bowl is approximate 1.75” tall and 6“ wide.

Delivery times: This item is made to order. Please allow 5-10 business days for production, in addition to shipping times.

Variance: This item is finished and painted by hand, making each piece unique, and as such, colours and details may vary by piece. All measurements are approximate and may vary piece by piece.

*Please note that this bowl is a prop only, and not suitable for eating out of.