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Undercity Corridor Set

Undercity Corridor Set

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Brick and Iron are the roots that the early settlers of the Iridium system planted. They built endless miles of these corridors beneath the ground. With care and time settlements turned to cities, and cities to empires. Now these corridors are disregarded by anyone who has a better place to be. For those that lack choice; they can always find some corner in the undercity that has been deserted. 

Be warned, security patrols are only contracted to protect the main transit tunnels. Protection from the locals is not guaranteed.


This corridor set is chock full of wall, wires and rusty iron. The walls are sized to make 12" x 12" gaming tiles. There are a variety of sizes allowing you to make abandoned corridors for your gangs to hide in, or sprawling store houses full of their ill gotten loot.



Painted terrain photos are our printed prototypes. You are purchasing STL files to print and paint at home. 

Mini models displayed in our prototype photos are from our personal collection, purchased from other artists, and are not available through out website. 

File Delivery

STL files are hosted on  MyMiniFactory, establishing a seamless process between 3D designers and buyers. Your redemption link provides instant, lifelong access to your files.

Return Policy

There are no refunds on digital content. If you have any problems printing your files, please contact us for technical support.

FDM vs Resin

The models are designed and tested with FDM printing in mind, with minimum supports needed.

However, the highest level of detail will be acheived with resin printing.


Files are 32mm, but can be scaled to taste. There is no 'one true' way to build our terrain, print and assemble to your heart's desire. Some parts need to be glued.

Terms and Conditions

STL files are for personal use only.

You may not sell or profit from the prints or the files in any way.

You may not chare or distribute the files.

You may not modify the STL files to make new ones.

You may not make molds or use the STL files for mass production.

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