3D Printable Modular Terrain Kits

Radium Minis produces original terrain, ready to use in wargaming, tabletop games, role playing games, and even dioramas!

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Terrain That Tells a Story

The Radium Difference

Printer Size
Our STL files are organized into bite sized pieces that can fit into any 3D printer.

PLA and resin compatible. Save money with PLA, or get finer detail with resin, it’s always your choice. 

It’s all in the Details
Printing Orientiation is key to getting quality prints. We design with this in mind. We like prints that are easy to print flat on the bed and that look good!

Fully Textured
We go to great lengths to texture and details every piece of terrain, no boring flat sections in sight! More texture makes your painting job easier, with more little cracks and crevices to create shadows and catch the light.   

File Delivery and Backups
All of our sets are hosted on My Mini Factory, the industry leader for STL file delivery. MMF keeps track of your files and gives you lifetime access to all your devices, no links to expire or lose!

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What is modular terrain?

In short, terrain is a 3D environment. It could be made of buildings, plants, walls, flooring, anything!

Modular terrain means that the environment can be build any way you like (kinda like Lego). Since you're printing the pieces on your 3D printer at home, you can have as many of each piece as you want, to create the ultimate custom environment!

What kind of printer do I need?

You'll need some kind of 3D printer to print our STL files. We make sure that our terrain is compatable with both FDM and resin printers.

An FDM printer is cheaper to run, but has less detail. A resin printer costs a bit more, but can capture even the smallest of details.

Can you print the terrain for me?

We're working on finding a suitable partner to provide timely and affordable printer solutions in the near future!

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Can you paint the terrain for me?

We love to paint! Radium Minis currently offers limited custom painting services, please contact us directly for a quote.

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