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Services & Commissions



Your files, our printers. 

Project Radium is available to print your 3D projects - either in PLA or resin. We can provide you with the pieces straight out of our printers, or we can assemble, paint, and finish your projects, delivering you a ready to use or display item!   

We can print any SLA file. Please contact for pricing of custom items. 


Mini Printing:

Our most common printing request is for minis for DnD, Warhammer, and other games. These minis are printed with a custom mixed resin to achieve a strong and flexible texture and maximum details. 

  • Yes, we can print your Heroforge files!
  • Yes, we offer custom painting services too! 

Pricing - primed and ready for you to paint:

  • Single mini - $10
  • 10 Pieces - $80 

Pricing - fully painted with custom 3 colour palette:

  • Single mini - $20
  • 10 Pieces - $160 




Cosplayer needing a special prop? 

Dungeon Master looking to outfit a particular campaign? 

In search of a special gift? 

We are available to do custom commissions. For 3D prints, this can include using an SLA file that you already have, sourcing the right file on your behalf, or designing a piece from scratch. We can also build an paint custom terrain from a number of material options.  

Contact us directly to arrange.