About Us

Project Radium is the collaborative umbrella under which husband/wife maker team, Owen and Kara Harrison, create. Their projects are heavily influenced by pop culture and fandom, as well as the cosplay and DnD communities. 

Owen is a 3d designer, woodworker, and builder.

Kara is a tattoo artist, painter, writer, and felt enthusiast.

Some of their most enjoyable collaborations to date have included costumes for specialty events, like steampunk conventions and Wasteland Weekend, a post apocalyptic festival.

The duo work primarily out of their private studios; a series of rooms, small buildings, and an unfinished basement, all located in or next to their century old character home. 

They are always encouraged by their shop corgis, Mabel and Rigby.


Radium Minis is their flagship.

Owen creates the original 3D terrain files, maintains the printers, and paints the prototypes, literally building the world of the Iridium System from scratch! 

Kara writes mini stories about each terrain set, enriching the world of the Iridium System, and used her organizational super powers to take care of administrative details.